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Lime wood, paper mache, ink

size variable


The keys of my house and the floor plan of the Noh theater stage as a parameter, wood and its various

burned vegetation ash are used as materials turns to develop a new landscape.


The organic wood surfaces are created from photos (Pixel images) modeled by a 3D program and

be machined, and then put in by CNC machine a piece of solid wood milled. the cutting movement

path of the drill leaves a mountain-shaped pattern impression that blends with the wood grain of the wood itself

overlapped and a new surface texture for temporal movements generated.


The photos are from the city where I live. the Motives are a perspective under a bridge pillar

and the facade of a social house. These morphologies serve to but trusted unknown landscape forms

to imagine a bird's eye view or a ruin. The different states of the same material presented at the same time, as well it is also a footnote to the Noh actor wearing a mask and im looks at the mirror and says, "I am you now," becoming a ghost.

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