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Rain, Ink on paper

210 x 297 /  297 x 420 mm


"Da." is an ongoing series in cooperation with rain.

Through the contingency of raindrops, we project different imaginations and emotions out of the water, creating creations by thinking that after all, humans cannot control the naturalness of the weather.


In the process, the rain is not only a partner who is painting with me, but also an opponent, like in a chess game.

The movement of my brush, the movement of the paint, the falling of the rain, the flow of the water, in coming and going or simultaneous action or even in the long wait, the process of contemplation is also a process of the conscious and unconscious, of flowing through a transitional space. From rain, the flow of natural randomness unfolds another spatial dimension of transformation and manifestation.


The picture represents an abstract landscape, a psychological space that allows the viewer an open imagination and perception.


The title of the work "Da." is derived from onomatopoeia, which is used in Chinese vocabulary to describe the sound of rain or the ticking of a clock. In German semantics, as an adverb, it means there, here or then.

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