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but the clouds are black


2016/ 2021
Video 30 min loop, video projector, sound system, screen printing on textiles, wood
Dimensions variable



Five people sit at a round Chinese table, where families or friends usually come together and celebrate. The top round plate of the turntable is built in with a motor and rotates. Instead, these individuals work like factory workers on an assembly line, each repeating the same movements to produce paper boats. Your uniform is made of fabric with a sea of numbers* pattern printed on it.

A sharp and cold sound of metal welding or the sound of the ship's whistle reveals the signal of the ship's direction of travel from the corner of the room.

Transition from mental perception to visible image, transition to geometric space, and then transition from spatial geometry to light and shadow.

*The sea of numbers is a printed pattern and is used in envelopes to protect against unauthorized access.

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